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My name is Garry, a graphic designer based in Glasgow.

Originally, I started out as a graphic designer, however, as the industry has evolved I found myself evolving alongside it. On this journey I’ve worked across many different projects but now find myself working more on the digital side of design, from website layouts to social media campaigns. As I’ve progressed I’ve added After Effects to my growing skill set. Although self taught and plenty still to learn, I enjoy the challenge of figuring out how to bring a static design to life. 

I pride myself in being a focused, punctual and versatile designer with great attention to detail. Coupled with strong organisational skills and a passion for creating clean, modern artwork, I continuously strive to improve and develop my skill sets where possible. 

When I’m not busy labelling my Photoshop layers, eating all the office goodies and showing up on time, I enjoy keeping fit, reading, cycling, football, travelling and the occasional pint of Tennent’s. I’m a dad to mischievous twin boys.

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